What do people have against the Sailor Moon RPG?

I have to admit: I’m a bit of a podcast junkie. As of right now, I’m subscribed to something like 72 different podcasts, not all of which update regularly. There are podcasts about tarot, podcasts about business, podcasts about pop culture… and podcasts about roleplaying. So when my husband suggested I listen to a roleplaying podcast about the Sailor Moon RPG, I had to tune in.

The podcast I listened to wasĀ System Mastery, episode 99, but it turns out there are quite a few other podcast episodes that touch on the Sailor Moon RPG, likeĀ The One Shot Podcast, or Sailor Moon in general, like Sailor Business.Ā Know any other great Sailor Moon podcasts I should subscribe to? Let me know in the comments!

Turns out this podcast doesn’t “lovingly” analyze reviews in the context of their time, what they’re about, or who the target audience is. Nope,Ā System Mastery isn’t about an in-depth analysis of roleplaying games or detailing the intricacies of a single roleplaying campaign, it’s aboutĀ roasting RPGs of all backgrounds and flavors.

What’s wrong with roasting the Sailor Moon RPG?

TheĀ System Mastery guys (Jon and Jef) are right that The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book is more “resource book” and less roleplaying game, but how is that any different from expansive roleplaying games likeĀ Dungeons and Dragons, with multiple books detailing fantasy species, locations, and items? It’s not, but…

Roll initiative and let’s get started.

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Top 10 Worst Case Scenarios for the New Sailor Moon Anime

Moon & Mars Gape

There's a new Sailor Moon anime due out in 2014. Unlike the first anime that was released around the world in the 1990s, this one is actually targeted towards young women–in other words, the fans of the original series, rather than today's young girls and tweens. To appeal to fans means that the folks at Toei are going to have to avoid a few things… Read on to find out just what we're terrified of seeing in the new show.


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5 Reasons Why the New Sailor Moon Anime Won’t Suck

20th Anniversary Sailor Moon logo

With the new Sailor Moon anime having something like a release date (July 2014), there's a lot of talk in the fandom about whether the new anime will be any good or not. Questions are getting asked like, "Is it a remake of the first anime?" and "Will it be true to the manga?" Some people want to see a sequel to the first anime, something like the adventures of Sailor Chibi Moon once she inherits the mantle of Sailor Moon. Still others would prefer a prequel: what happened in the Silver Millennium prior to Queen Beryl's attack?

What we've heard thus far is that it will not be a remake of the first anime with a shiny new animation style and J-Pop soundtrack, but it will be a new anime that follows the manga plot line more closely. Those factors alone couldn't stop the series from sucking…but I don't think the new Sailor Moon will suck. Here are five reasons why.

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